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Gravity and Magnetic Oil & Gas leads for the U.S.A.  Prospects, Leads, Surveys, Data for sale by established company circa 1948.  C.G.S. interpretations are made from the interlocking profile method.  Geophysical survey services available.                                 

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C.G.S. is a gravity and magnetic explorations and interpretation company.    We do ground detailed surveys.  These surveys are ground observed readings, No ground clutter, No averaging the reading, No spurious data, All lines are tied together flat.

  Investigation surveys range from looking for faults, domes, modeling oil and gas traps. Other surveys have included studies for tanks, pipe lines, metals, etc.

C.G.S. has been in the oil and gas industry for over 55 years.  The company has worked in most of the oil and gas basins in the United States, North America, and East Africa.  We know what is takes to find new gas fields, and new oil fields.

C.G.S. has in its library over a 1000 leads for gas and oil today.  Many of these leads could be rated as Class  A  Prospects.  Many of these leads are in trend with oil fields.  Looking at the history of the area of interest, and see the dry hole pattern in the area, an compare it to the gravity or magnetic data, so many of these leads come to the forefront.  So many have gotten close, but not close enough.

Many of our oil and gas leads are for the lower formations.  These deeper leads were not drilled in the last oil boom in the 80's. These leads are still out in the oil patch waiting for the industry to find. Many of these dry holes, just did not go deep enough.  Going deeper is a answer to finding new oil and gas fields.

We are currently working the gravity and magnetic leads in South Kansas.   C.G.S.  is continually looking at many  deeper oil and gas plays in Western Oklahoma.  These prospects and leads, need Oil Companies, and Investors to see the best evidence.

States where C.G.S. has larger resources of data, include Texas, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Alaska, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas,  Louisiana, Oklahoma. 

C.G.S. invented the interlocking profile technique to graph bouguer gravity and true vertical ground magnetic over 50ty years ago.  We use the new tools of day, but we still look at every reading.

Many of the leads are not seen with geology alone.  The leads need Oil Companies, Investors, Land Owners to seek out the true pictures.  Picking the right direction from the geology to run the Seismic lines are most important. Gravity and Magneitics can do just that.  So many of the stories in the oil patch are lost without taking it all in.  Making use of all the tools are very important to the start of something great and profitable.

C.G.S. is a member of the OKLAHOMA WELL LOG LIBRARY, INC.   TULSA, OKLAHOMA.  Also our completion card library was last up dated in 1983 for Oklahoma.  Our card library also includes Texas, Kansas and more.

Please check out the   What's New.   We will post something from C.G.S. library.  We might post prospects, leads, oil and gas fields, gravity or magnetic surveys, or log interpretations.  Please contact us and we'll try to post for you.

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